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Quite simply, you will NOT find any other resource that is as thorough, in-depth, well-reviewed and very practical to your aesthetic journey as this website and our guides provide. This resource specifically exists to fill that void for the hundreds of thousands of US and indeed international patients who pursue aesthetic surgery annually.

Fully conceived, compiled, validated and tested on actual patients by a top US-trained surgeon under national and international aesthetic surgery experts, at top internationally renowned hospitals and institutions, these guides are specifically meant to fully educate the discerning aesthetic surgery patient from first considering a procedure to your postoperative recovery period. They include practical information in ideal chronological order that any aesthetic surgery patient will definitely benefit from, information that is 100% impossible to fully glean online or even come close to through several hours of research AND during your consultation call and visit that put a far larger dent on your time and wallet.

This will save hours, mitigate anxiety and confusion, save lots of calls and questions and most importantly, avoid the irrevocable error of pursuing surgery through anyone but a fully qualified, safe and conscientious Plastic surgeon – we’ve all seen shows like Botched or read multiple reports of adverse outcomes, even fatalities resulting from “back-alley” surgeries by unqualified professionals. These regrettably occur far more frequently than reported (and not just at obvious red flag settings) given the increasing demand for cosmetic surgery and the lucrative nature of the field.

So what do i get?

  • Over 12 single-spaced pages of high-yield and easy-to-comprehend information in step-wise order
  • Clear understanding if you are a good candidate for your desired surgery (your surgeon ultimately decides, but you should have a good idea)?
  • What the surgery does and importantly, does NOT accomplish
  • How to find the RIGHT and QUALIFIED surgeon AND practice for your procedure, and how soon to begin your search
  • Important details to consider and assemble before your initial consultation visit
  • Pertinent information to gather and what to expect during your consultation visit – includes specific procedure risks to know!
  • Important next steps following your consultation visit (multiple hurdles that often lead to delays or cancellations)!
  • Day of surgery and postoperative recovery expectations, including care instructions
  • Lots of “red flag” points throughout the process to fully inform your ultimate decision
  • Additional questions you may have, answered by a top trained surgeon steeped in the field!
  • The humanitarian value of contributing to the reconstructive care of less fortunate patients around the world!

The BEST investment towards your aesthetic surgery journey

From deciding if you’re a good surgical candidate, to choosing the RIGHT surgeon for you, knowing exactly what to expect at your visit, what to do before and afterwards, and what your surgery day and recovery will be like. All for a fraction of the initial consultation fee!

Curated & validated by top US-trained plastic surgeons, with excellent real patient approval!