… And I sincerely welcome you to my growing resource, dedicated to providing honest and succinct information about the aesthetic surgery process from conception to fruition, targeting the astute and cautious consumer and patient. This blog was born out of several cumulative micro-frustrations about the disorganization and misinformation that pervades aesthetic procedures from numerous personal encounters.

Aesthetic surgery should first and foremost be about patient care and patient safety. Patient satisfaction and optimal aesthetic results should be a very close second. While aesthetic procedures have become akin to buying the latest fashion accessories, they remain and should always be regarded as complex medical procedures that require thorough training and experience to execute.

The primary focus of this site is to provide accurate, up-to-date, pertinent and well-curated informational guides about specific aesthetic surgical procedures for the discerning, would-be aesthetic surgery patient, to make the best decisions relating to their care and ultimate aesthetic goals.

…And precisely how do the guides benefit you?

The guides specifically address the following important aspects of your aesthetic journey:

  • Defines the procedure and associated nomenclature
  • Discusses the general indications for the procedure and why you may or may not be a good candidate
  • Addresses any reasonable alternatives that may accomplish similar goals to the procedure
  • Helpful visual guides to conceptualize what you’d signing up for
  • Finding the RIGHT surgeon for your procedure, and important RED FLAGS that should hint to look elsewhere
  • Important information to know and items to attend to prior to your visit
  • Your consultation visit. What to expect, what to address, questions to clarify specific to your planned procedure and much more (so much detail is missed at this stage in my experience, and issues or omissions relating to this encounter constitute the greatest risk for a poor postoperative outcome and a bad surgeon-patient experience).
  • Additional items that should be dealt with following your consultation and before your surgical date (rarely do you need an additional physician visit in between these dates).
  • What to expect from your day of surgery and immediately after your procedure, including important postoperative care arrangements.
  • Standard long-term follow-up regimens for your specific procedure as well as appropriate handling of any deviations from expected recovery
  • The rise of social media and visual advertising in aesthetic surgery and so much more…
  • Most importantly, all information provided is rigorously vetted by renowned aesthetic surgeons practicing these procedures, and based on numerous personal and cumulative patient encounters

… Now you’re probably asking… Who are you? And why should I trust you?

I readily welcome no less scrutiny from a savvy aesthetic patent like you!

My full credentials can be found on the About page, but briefly:

  • Fully trained, US-board certified General surgeon with training at a top 2 hospital in the United States, perhaps in the world
  • Ongoing Plastic surgery training at the recently ranked #1 plastic surgery program in the United States, under world experts in every Plastic surgery field.
  • Exposure to a vast and diverse set of patients at one of the largest aesthetic surgery markets in the US – New York city.
  • Most importantly, an enduring dedication to maximizing patient care, safety and understanding throughout their care process as empowered decision makers.

… Why is this information essential if I’ll be seeing my surgeon anyways?

Excellent point. I know I’m dealing with a smarty-pants (truly a good thing), and I need to earn your trust

  1. These guides will make it crystal clear how to go about choosing the RIGHT surgeon for YOU in the first place. Some useful pointers include what training and education actually qualify a surgeon to perform your procedure, how to tell what letters following your surgeon’s name as well as source of credentials actually matter, why hospital credentialing matters and in fact is absolutely critical, and how to interact with your surgeon’s office prior to your important consultation visit
  2. The vast knowledge discrepancy between you and your surgeon often puts most patients at a disadvantage during their consultation and afterwards. The right education on the process from an insider perspective is indispensable.
  3. You will maximize your limited consultation visit by knowing what to expect, what to focus on and what to inquire about. Rarely are all the patient’s concerns addressed during the visit when the surgeon is really the only one communicating, as the patient tries to absorb as much as he/she/they can, and I routinely experience patients following up with several important questions and concerns that were either addressed and forgotten or simply omitted.
  4. Important items to address before, during and after your consultation are not immediately obvious, and not infrequently result in delaying procedures, or last minute scrambles.
  5. Regardless of your surgeon’s experience, not all surgeons are experts at every procedure. You will have a leg up properly educating yourself on your procedure to know if this is the RIGHT surgeon for YOU, based on how your well curated concerns are addressed.
  6. Not infrequently, consultation visits are rushed and the inevitable delay in seeing your surgeon puts you in a frame of mind less conducive to clarifying important details about your body. Having a well laid out plan, ideally printed out will obviate this negative scenario.
  7. Like anyone else, surgeons, being human, are more engaged with a patient that is actively engaged in their care and has put some thought and effort into clearly defining their concerns. At least a good surgeon should be.
  8. You will inevitably be paying multiple times more for your consultation (keep in mind that even comped consultation fees when you eventually book, aren’t truly “free”) than the cost of any one of these guides, and the last thing you want is to pay multiple of these fees on different consultations to get a very good perspective of how and with who to proceed.
  9. Finally, unlike what you’d see in youtube and other publicly available media, especially from a patient perspective (which is certainly useful to know), I present information from the surgeon’s perspective having dealt with these scenarios personally in hundreds of scenarios, and realizing there really is a need for complete, vital information like this that is available nowhere else.

So what are you waiting for? Find the guide to your aesthetic surgical procedure and let’s get you well on your way to a transformed and more confident you.