Brazilian butt lift (BBL) guide


This guide goes into detail regarding:

Indications for the procedure

Selecting the right surgeon for you

Red flags to look out for along your journey

Important details to note before, during and after your surgery

Ensuring a smooth surgery day and recovery afterwards

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Brazilian butt lift is perhaps a misnomer as it isn’t as much a lift (involving elimination of some skin), as it is an augmentation of the buttocks with fat. It is a procedure that primarily re-contours and enhances the buttocks and hips, providing a more shapely buttock profile (posteriorly and laterally). The fat used is obtained from as many reasonable sites as possible (often from the abdomen, flanks, back, thighs, arms and even occasionally from the upper neck). Hence the procedure’s success depends on your preexisting fat stores. It involved liposuction of fat from the areas mentioned, and sterile transfer to the buttocks (above the gluteal muscles, in the subcutaneous plane). The liposuction of the lower trunk adds a significant degree of the contouring with the fat transfer simply further enhancing minor deficiencies or highlighting certain features to the patient’s desire.

The procedure has quite literally exploded in popularity – largely due to pop culture influences – and costs are dropping rapidly. It is also one of the rare cosmetic surgery procedures facing increased regulatory scrutiny due to the unchecked execution by terribly unqualified individuals with dire consequences. It has greatly benefitted from the boon of medical tourism as well, as the ideals of femininity and sensuality are being redefined, and transgender health comes to the fore.