Chin implant (Genioplasty) guide


This guide goes into detail regarding:

Indications for the procedure

Selecting the right surgeon for you

Red flags to look out for along your journey

Important details to note before, during and after your surgery

Ensuring a smooth surgery day and recovery afterwards

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Chin implants are alloplastic (artificial and inert) materials (often silicone or polyethylene material) used to augment or re-contour the chin. They are available in a wide range of sizes and styles and restore contour and/or proportion to your face by augmenting the projection of the chin. Patients seek these procedures to blend the lower face with the upper and mid face, particularly the nose and lips. These implants can be tailor-made or reshaped/resized to fit your specific needs.

Chin implants are perhaps the less invasive alternatives to other more involved orthognathic procedures that actually fracture and reshape the bones of the lower jaw (mandible) to achieve a different shape and projection. Soft tissue facial fillers are often limited for chin alteration.

Lastly, chin implants are increasing being used in combination with rhinoplasty by the astute facial plastic surgery specialist.