Thigh lift (Thighplasty) guide


This guide goes into detail regarding:

Indications for the procedure

Selecting the right surgeon for you

Red flags to look out for along your journey

Important details to note before, during and after your surgery

Ensuring a smooth surgery day and recovery afterwards

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A thigh lift or thighplasty is a procedure that involves the removal of excess skin and fat from either the inner or outer thighs (either with liposuction only, or that combined with skin excision in the medial thigh). This body contouring procedure is often desirable after substantial or bariatric weight loss or in individuals for whom dieting and exercise have failed to reduce excess tissue in their upper thighs. Genetics also predisposes certain individuals to excess medial thigh skin and fat.

As with most body contouring procedures, a thigh lift should ideally be performed when close to your ideal or final body weight.

Thousands of these procedures are safely performed annually with good to excellent results. It is often one of the more arduous procedures from a recovery standpoint owing to the location of the incision relative to thigh contact with walking, and the reality that fluid accumulates in the thighs and legs for most patients with a history of significant obesity.